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  Beijing Philharmonic Guitar Trio was founded in 1998,is composed by young perfomrers. Wangzhen,Li Huizhe,studies at Liceu Conservatory Spain,with Josep Henriquiz and Jaume Torrent.In 1997,they honorary received their masters degree handed over by La Reina Dona Sofia.Guo Yucheng,the third of the Trio,is the tutor in China Opera&Ballet Academy. The Beijing Philharmonic Guitar Trio is one of the top ensembles in China now,and their repertoire ranges from the Baroque to modern music.

  Their CD"Spain Impression",Produced by the Poloarts company of HongKong and published by Zhongxin Audio and Video Publishing House,"Spain Impression"will be the first record of the "Chinese Young Musicians Series."

  The CD consists of 20 classical guitar works-solo,duet and trio-covering different periods in the classical guitar repertoire.

  "In the works composed by Spanish composers such as Sor,Tarrega and Falla,we draw on our living experience in Spain,"says WangZhen,a member of the trio."For the Latin works,such as Morel's <Danza Brasilera> and Cardoso's<Milonga>we try to interpret from the original background."

  Works from the Renaissance,Baroque and Classical periods are also included on the album,such as Teleman's<Guitar Trio in D major>,Boccherini's <Minuet>and Vivaldi's <Concerto in G major for Two Guitar>.

  Since the Trio's first public performance at the 1998 Beijing Music Festival,the have held several concerts in Beijing,Kunming and Shenzhen.
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