China Guitar Professor:ChenZhi

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Director,Artistic Instructor & Conductor,China Broadcasting Guitar Orchestra;
Council Director,China Beijing Guitar Society;
Central Conservatory of Music,Beijing;
Visiting Professor,National Paris Conservatory of Music,France. 

  Mr Chenzhi founded BeiJing ChengZhi Classical Guitar College in 1982, which is the first classical guitar school in China, and he had compered a program called Classical Guitar Everyweek at (.... Central Broadcasting Station.....) from 1984, and became president of China Beijing Guitar Society in 1986. On May 1987, Mr. Chen organized the First China-International Guitar Festival as a sponsor and art supervisor. In 1987, Mr Chen went to U.S. For teaching. In 1989 he become the president of Broadcasting Guitar Orchestra. Invited by the Spain government, he made performance tour in Spain for three months in 1991. In 1993 Mr, Chen had a program in CCTV called the Technique and Performance of Classical Guitar. Mr.Chen hold a group and performed in Taiwan and Japan in 1993 and 1994, and in 1995 he went to France,Switzerland and Italy for teaching. In 1996 again he was invited to Italy, France and Spain teaching, and refreed international guitar competition.   

  For many year, Prof. Chen has written many articles on the art of guitar, which were published on both national and international newspapers and magazines. He made performance tour frequently and built up solid friendship with hundreds of famous musicians over dozens of countries, and he was invited as international mumbers and art advisor by many international musical organization. His activity were special reported by many civil newspapers, radio stations and television, and also Modern Guitar, Music from Guitar, Harmony, Everyday News ( Japan), and Classical Guitar ( England), Gutiar ( France), and BBC, NBC company.

  In 1995 Prof.Chen was recommanded as the "guitar man of the year in the world" by the Classical Guitar, which is a well historic and authority magazine in England.

  Wang Yameng , Yang Xuefei and Chen Shanshan ,who are the representative of the highest level of China's Classical Guitar, are all the students of Prof.Chen


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